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Mom with young child with her arm around her. Both people are smiling directly at the camera.

You're doing the best you can.

You love your kids—you really do. But sometimes it feels like they're testing you in ways that you just can't handle. You feel like you're constantly yelling, threatening, and punishing your kids, all while they just keep pushing the boundaries.

You want to change this pattern—but how? You don't want to be a helicopter mom or a permissive parent, but the way things are going now just isn't working for anyone.

Let me help you break out of this cycle and give your kids the kind of life they deserve: one where they feel loved and supported by their parents without having to push boundaries or fight with them every day.

Find the right support for you.


Go beyond advice and tips to get the personalized support you've been looking for to transform your relationship with your child.


Gain knowledge and practical strategies needed to make changes in your home right away.


Connect with like-minded parents and find non-judgemental support and understanding as we work together to raise an empowered generation.


Parenting is hard work. Add in social media, unsolicited advice, and the challenges of life/work/relationships and it can feel impossible to do it well. From trying to manage your own emotions in the chaos to simply knowing what you can do to nurture and raise a happy, healthy family. Spare the Rod Parenting exists to help parents develop skills necessary for raising emotionally well-balanced children, without the pressure of perfection.

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