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Parent Coaching

Individual and Group coaching opportunities to help you dig deep and find solutions to your unique parenting challenges.


All programs include lifetime access to the Transformative Parenting Process created by the experts at the Jai Institute for Parenting. 

Online Workshops

Our comprehensive conscious parenting workshops are designed to help you become the parent you want to be from the inside out.


Learn practical strategies for discipline, as well as a deeper understanding of your child's needs so that you can parent with more grace for yourself. 



Working with Jaclyn was the most helpful thing we have done in our journey toward a more peaceful home... Instead of focusing on how to "fix" our kids, she helped us become more self aware and develop habits that foster the peaceful environment we wanted, but weren't sure was possible. I can honestly say that every week we met with her, when we applied what we learned faithfully, we saw tremendous change in the length of our children's tantrums and outbursts.


More importantly, I've seen a change in myself. I take the time to feel my feelings and allow my children to feel theirs in a safe way.

Jessica M. Mom of Three

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