5 Ways to Prep Yourself for Baby…that you can’t put on a registry

If you are expecting a new baby, chances are you've spent hours poring over websites, stroller reviews, and social media searching for the must-haves for your little one. But before the baby arrives, there are a few things you should do for yourself to be ready to be your best parenting self from day one.

1. Explore your own childhood experiences and trauma.

As parents, our primary source for how to parent is from our own childhood. So as we navigate parenting, even in the early days, we typically model ourselves after our parents. The most responsible thing we can do is take stock of our own childhood-- what we loved, what we hated, what worked and what didn't-- and use it inform what we want to be true about ourselves as parents. The earlier you can start to recognize the impact of your own childhood on your current self, the better prepared you can be to lean into the positives and combat the challenges so that they serve your relationship with your child.